Thursday, September 24, 2009


Both edible and inedible. =) I love edible Fluff. I may have spoken of this affection in the past, but I'm too lazy to go look. We introduced Max to this delightfullness (not a real word) and she is a happy camper.

Now some of you may be wondering what inedible fluff is. It's cloth diapers!! I love cloth diapers. I've been trying out a bunch of different brands, and the most recent was BumGenius. I got two in the mail yesterday, washed 'em, and used them today. They are WONDERFUL. I love them. Love love love. And getting "fluff mail" as it's referred to, is SO addicting. So so so so addicting.

I don't have pictures. I meant to take some. I will. Later. =)

That is all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peanut Butter

Yep. Just peanut butter. In the bottom of a jar. (A plastic jar.) Meant for the dog. Claimed by the Max. Here's what happened: Freckles is given the jar of peanut butter to lick out when it's pretty much empty. It's a nice treat for him and he thoroughly enjoys it.
However, tonight Max didn't go right to sleep, so she came downstairs for 11 minutes (yes, we set a timer) to play, and then try bed again. Well... she found it. And HER arm can reach the bottom, whereas Freckles' tongue really can't.
So she took it upon herself to clean out the very bottom. Now, she DID share with Freckles, but she also managed to get it all over her face (and hands, duh).
And the baby monitor. And the Tupperware round shapes toy thingie. And her Clifford stuffed dog. And the door. And the TV stand. And the DVD remote. And various other surfaces like end tables and Mommy. Oh, and Freckles' head. (I'll wipe that off here in a minute, Grammi Tami.)

I know what you're thinking. "Why didn't you just take the peanut butter jar away from her?" Yeah. That would have produced screaming like unto a near death experience. I'd rather just wipe everything off, thanks. And it kept her and the dog happily occupied for the whole 11 minutes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

the past 24 hrs.

So I don't know how YOUR day was, but ours was... um... not calm and did not go as planned. I had PLANNED on taking Max on the Metra to see a friend of mine from college and her two kiddos. But instead, I stayed home with a sick baby. Max did not sleep well last night- almost as bad, if not as bad, as when she was a newborn. We're pretty sure her teeth are REALLY bothering her, considering we'll give her tylenol, and within 1/2 an hour, she's mostly fine. Still moody. Ha ha, very moody. She didn't take a morning nap, cried about tons and tons of things- more than normal. Even threw up this afternoon. And look a lousy afternoon nap.

THANKFULLY, I have lots of good help, so I didn't have to take care of her all by myself. =) Grammi watched and played with her so I could run some errands, and played with her while I was home, too. DH took care of her after she woke up early from her nap this afternoon, and Grandpa Fred and Grammi Tami played with her this evening and took her on a walk. (She loves walks. And airplanes. And dogs. And waving to everyone and everything. Including the aforementioned airplanes.)

Saw my OB yesterday. Everything's good, woo hoo! Picked a date for the C-section, and he got that set up. So we'll see if that ends up being it, or if baby Jack (not his real name) gets impatient and arrives sooner. Time will tell!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A new blog post =)

Over the past couple of days things keep happening or even just popping in to my head that I'm like "I should blog about that! It's not too boring!" And then I end up with no time to blog. (Granted, a lot of these brainstorming ideas show up at about 10:30 at night...)

Max has started loving books. Not just sitting and turning the pages (which she's been doing for a while), but having the story read to her, and interacting with it. Namely the Spot books by Eric Hill and little touch and count books. She loves the flaps in the Spot books, and loves how we make the noises of whatever is behind the flap. Sometimes she likes it so much she just sits there and plays with the flap so we keep making the noise. In fact, she's even started bringing us books to read to her! We're so excited that she loves books so much. Here's a great picture of Grandpa Fred reading a book to her and Freckles.

Baby Jack is growing and being super active! I'm about 32 weeks now... or he is, depending on how you look at it. I thought Max was really active, but Jack is definitely trying to show up his sister. Sigh. Last night, for example, I'm sitting there, sorting clothes, and he just starts pushing out with a shoulder, elbow, or knee (I'm not sure which) so hard it really really hurt!! Which made me wonder, again, about those women who don't know they're pregnant until they're in labor. How in the world?!?! I can see writing off some movement as gas, but the serious movement?!?