Saturday, September 5, 2009

A new blog post =)

Over the past couple of days things keep happening or even just popping in to my head that I'm like "I should blog about that! It's not too boring!" And then I end up with no time to blog. (Granted, a lot of these brainstorming ideas show up at about 10:30 at night...)

Max has started loving books. Not just sitting and turning the pages (which she's been doing for a while), but having the story read to her, and interacting with it. Namely the Spot books by Eric Hill and little touch and count books. She loves the flaps in the Spot books, and loves how we make the noises of whatever is behind the flap. Sometimes she likes it so much she just sits there and plays with the flap so we keep making the noise. In fact, she's even started bringing us books to read to her! We're so excited that she loves books so much. Here's a great picture of Grandpa Fred reading a book to her and Freckles.

Baby Jack is growing and being super active! I'm about 32 weeks now... or he is, depending on how you look at it. I thought Max was really active, but Jack is definitely trying to show up his sister. Sigh. Last night, for example, I'm sitting there, sorting clothes, and he just starts pushing out with a shoulder, elbow, or knee (I'm not sure which) so hard it really really hurt!! Which made me wonder, again, about those women who don't know they're pregnant until they're in labor. How in the world?!?! I can see writing off some movement as gas, but the serious movement?!?

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