Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ask me if I care. Go on, ask!

About LOST? Nope. Watched some, maybe all, of the first season while in Suriname. Tried watching more of a later season while living in the states for year. It had already gotten too weird and hard to follow, and that was 3 1/2 years ago.

About the new Sex in a City movie? Nope. Didn't care about the first one, didn't care about the TV show. Pretty sure I never watched even a bit of it.

About car seat safety, esp. as it pertains to infants and small children? You bet your last dollar I do. Why are people in such a roaring hurry to turn their kids forward facing? It's 5x safer to rear face. FIVE TIMES, people!! It isn't "bad for their legs." They're not "uncomfortable." They can see perfectly fine. Winter coats and car seats do NOT go together. I know it's the end of May, so this is a moot point now, but they didn't go together last winter, and they won't go together this winter, either.
She is rear-facing in this picture- I'm in the seat next to her, with Jack on the other side.

About baby-wearing? You betcha! I won a Sleepy Wrap when Jack was a baby and I adored it. Sad day when he got too heavy for it. I'm currently using an Oh! Snap by Babyhawk, and really really like it. I just strap the baby on my back and off we go.

There are, of course, tons of other things I do and do not care about. Some of them you've probably figured out if you've been paying attention. Others, well, if I don't care about them that much, no need to waste time writing about them, right?

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Friday!! I think...

wooo hoo!

That is all. Have a good day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few things you may or may not have always wanted to know about me...

...inspired by another fun mommy blog I follow. But I can't remember who (whom?). So you'll have to take my word for it. Oh, also, you may or may not care about the following. Can't say I didn't warn you.

1. I cloth diaper my babies. I love it, and it's highly addicting. Except I realized the other day that if I spent as much time and energy sharing the love of Christ and the good news of the free gift of salvation He offers, there would probably be more Christians in the world. How's that for conviction?

2. In case you didn't just figure it out, I'm a Christian. If you didn't already know, I'm sorry. That means I haven't been doing a very good job showing Him to the world.

3. My three most favorite people in the entire universe are my husband, Max, and Jack.

4. I wish my first OB had not been as scare-tactic-y as he was.

5. #4 stems from just having finished watching "The Business of Being Born." WOW.

6. Said movie was amazing. Totally inspiring and empowering.

7. I have driven on the left side of the road more than the right. Because it was law. Figure that one out!

8. I wish I could still jog. But it ends up hurting my knees too much. Bummer, dude.

9. I became a Christian in 2nd grade. Around Easter.

10. I've been trying to do a Random Act of Kindness every day (at least once) since reading that post I referred to in my previous post. A little bit harder to find ones that don't involve money, but I'm working on it. Any suggestions, hit me up!

11. I turned 29 years old this year. I will not be aging any further, however. There will be the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday, the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday... you get the idea.

12. My kids crack me up. They are both a hoot! Does anyone ever even say that anymore?

13. I'm also addicted to thrift stores and yard sales. Is there a support group somewhere for that?

There are, of course, more than 13 things you may or may not have always wanted to know about me, but I'm tired and having a hard time typing. So I'm going to add a picture, or two, then take Jack upstairs and go to bed. Ryan is playing a game with some of his friends. A playdate, if you will.
Not the best picture ever. Bummer. This was at Max's birthday party on Saturday.

The baby on the left is mine. The one on the right is 2 months younger than Jack, and they had a good ol' time playing together on that quilt. They slimed each other, touched each other's heads and hands, it was pretty darn funny.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Well of COURSE!

I'm trying to finish getting the house clean for Ryan's aunt and uncle's (on his father's side) arrival. And of COURSE I manage to break the vacuum cleaner.

Finished sweeping and spot mopping the kitchen floor. Of COURSE I drop food on it.

Max turned 2 today. (Can you believe it??) Of COURSE she has to act like it. (Bless her heart. <-- That's what you say in the South when you're really ticked at someone but still want to be sweet about it.)

BUT, one of my friends on Facebook posted a link to a blog where the lady and her kids did 35 random (ish) acts of kindness on her 35th birthday. WOW. Go read it. I'll wait. ...... Did you read it? Weren't you inspired? If not, why not? I was!! Can't wait to think up and execute RAKs!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


...okay, my KIDS need them. But, um, either way- they're on the need list. These particular diapers are called Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers, or BSRBs for short. Why are they a need? Well, they're bamboo. And we all know the amazing reasons to use bamboo. Oh, you don't? Well, where HAVE you been? Bamboo is SUPER absorbent. Super soft. Sustainable- it grows insanely fast. (Some think it grows faster than kudzu. They're wrong. Don't know what kudzu is? Google it.) The list goes on and on. But what makes this particular brand of diapers so desirable for me right this moment are two of her custom fabrics. Annnd there's not current pictures of the fabric I want. So you'll just have to take my word for it. One is the "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" fabric based on the Wizard of Oz. I'm a big Oz fan. (But NOT Ozzy Ozbourne. Nooooo.) The other is a retro-Pac-man fabric, which, when Ryan saw it, he wanted it. And he doesn't usually do that with diapers.

Sooooo I'm trying to win two custom BSRBs from Emi at The Cloth Diaper Report. Unless someone feels the need to stalk her hyenacart site and buy them for me. =)*hint hint hint*

What's new?

Hmmmm...well, Jack has two teeth now. And he knows how to use them, so WATCH OUT! He can move around on the floor on his tummy. A lot of times he just goes in circles, but hey, it's progress. He is still a very very happy baby. Loves to smile and laugh. And grab. And stick things in his mouth. And grab some more. He's a very grabby baby- I don't remember his sister being quite this bad.
That picture's from April. Sorry. Just roll with it.

Max is going to be two tomorrow. ....cue the Whambulance.... WHAAAAAAAAAAA! I don't want my baby to be two! I don't want her to grow up! (Okay, but I also don't want her STUCK at two, kthanxbai.) She's a great big sister to Jack, and takes good care of him.
Let's see... what else is new... well, Lord willing, we should be moving to Korea in two months. Woohoo! My very own apartment to take care of! Ryan will finally be teaching again! We're going to be surrounded by signs and people that I don't understand! It'll be weird. I've been WITH people who are experiencing that, but have only ever experienced it once. In case you're wondering, that "once" was a day trip to French Guyana. (Although why it didn't happen in Brazil, I don't know. Maybe because more people TRIED to understand us and WANTED to help us. Go figure.) Guess I should get off my butt and start learning Korean. Menh, I have birthday cupcakes I need to ice first.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Did you miss me?

Didn't think so! But it's all good. Been busy and such, lots of playing outdoors... once the snow melted... lots and lots of diaper changes, even more feeding of a baby and a toddler. Max isn't two yet, but you can't tell. For a while she screamed bloody murder for every diaper change. That seems to have tapered off, but she's taken up screaming over other things. But she's still super smart, generally happy, and extremely sweet to her baby brother. Who, really, isn't that much smaller than her anymore. Jack weighs approx. 21 lbs at just over 6 months. My arms hurt.

Lots more going on, and did go on, but it'd bore you. =)