Friday, June 26, 2009

Traveling, Beaches, and Randomness

Yes, yes, I've been slacking off here. I apologizing. Life was (is?) hectic. We packed up and left our teeny, tiny, 3rd world country in South America, traveled to Miami, then North Carolina, and are currently on vacation at a popular beach in South Carolina. And tomorrow we go back to North Carolina. See why I haven't been around??

And now would be the time where I would make lots of promises about how I'll be around more often, and will be better about posting pictures and bits of randomness... however I can't promise that. =( My parents don't have wireless internet, so it's hard to get on-line. And even if they did, our computer is going to the computer doctors at Best Buy tomorrow afternoon, so it will be out for a few days. Sad times. But it is sick, so hopefully they'll make it all better.

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  1. Since moving from San Diego we do miss the beach. I hope you continue to enjoy your vacation.