Friday, July 3, 2009

It's July!

Duh. Just thought I'd point it out. In case you were stuck in June. As for me, I am painfully aware of time marching on. My baby is walking AMAZINGLY well. She was just taking a few uncertain steps when we left our little tiny 3rd world country on June 15th, and now she is doing far more walking than crawling, can walk backwards, can stand up without first lifting her booty in the air, can carry things in both hands, and the list goes on. She's so big. And we found out yesterday that our new baby is going to be a boy!

I suppose I should do the right thing and load some pictures here... but my head hurts. So I won't right now. Maybe later. As in... sometime in the future at a yet to be determined time. Might be complicated by the fact that I have to do more packing next week. I'm making myself not do any until Monday. I did send three footlockers with my little brother who was driving north, so I'll have less... that's always good, right?


  1. Having less is good, unless it gets lost in my garage...

  2. Sounds like you have been incredibly busy! Congrats on the soon to be baby boy!! Boys are fun but boys are soo different than girls! LOL