Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For the love of cake... and the dislike of doctors' offices

My DH made a yummy cake the other day. I don't remember what day... Sunday, maybe? It's a recipe I saw as I was pursuing the new Taste of Home cookbook. It involved a chocolate cake mix, butterscotch ice cream topping, whipped cream, and Butterfingers. Yep, that's it. He did it all by himself, and it. is. good. I was kinda bummed that there weren't leftover Butterfingers for me to eat, but it's probably better that there weren't...

And yes, I forgot to take pictures. I'm sorry, honey. I meant to. =(

So we had a nurse's visit this morning for DD to get a shot. Last week, this same type visit took like, 20 minutes, from walking in to walking out. Today? Ha. Not so much. 50 minutes. 45 of them sitting in the stupid waiting room watching EVERYONE go ahead of us. And not just everyone who was there ahead of us. That's understandable. But noooo it was all of them, PLUS everyone who came in over the next freakin' 40 minutes. We. were. ticked. I did say something to the receptionist, who did go and check/say something to the nurse, but I seriously wish I had complained more. The problem with that is that when things like this happen, I start crying, and DH just gets mad. We need a happy medium, we really do. Anyway, the lesson I learned is that when I go in next week or the week after with DD AND DS I will be calling ahead of time to see if they are running behind (even though I KNOW they weren't today) and making mention of today, as well as the fact that I'll be toting a 17 month old AND a newborn.

Did you catch that newborn part? Yep, DS is scheduled to arrive on Friday. If not before. But hopefully not before. It's nice to have a set end date, and not sitting around waiting. I have my to-do list all ready, and working on checking things off... although that's not going so well since I'm supposed to be "resting" and "keeping my feet up." (Per the various nurses' instructions. Are you for real?) So things are getting done quite as fast as I'd prefer... and we'll see if they even get ALL done before we go in Friday morning.

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