Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random blog post

Soooo I wasn't GOING to write a blog post this evening. I figured I'd write one "later." And then I looked at the date on my last post... September 24.... sigh. Okay, fine, I'll write a quick blog post.

The unseasonably cool summer here in northern Chicagoland (which is where I am, I assume) has already morphed into an unseasonably cold fall. At least in my opinion. As I write this post, at 9:15 P.M., it's already 38 outside. It's been hitting the 20's a lot of nights. We went to a fun apple orchard this past Saturday (doing no apple picking, mind you) and it was cold, BUT- we heard later that it SNOWED after we left. I mean, it was cold while we were there, but I didn't think it was THAT cold.

I don't think Max knows what to do with the cold weather... she tolerates it quite well, though, which I'm thankful for! We hit up the Thrift store in town today for some hats and mittens and such. I have an awesome hat and glove set that I got a few years ago, but darn it all I can't find it. We also grabbed some cute mittens for Max, and time will tell if she'll wear 'em or not. They're in the wash as we speak, in case we need them tomorrow. (We're visiting friends an hour down the road, and may be able to go to a park while we're there.)

While at the aforementioned Thrift store, a sweet worker (a WOMAN) asked if I was carrying twins. Sigh. I was nice and said no, just that he was sitting far forward and I'm delivering next week. Double sigh. Makes me want to eat more ice cream.


  1. Next week!!! He's almost here. I'm so happy for you.

  2. That's my solution to things too, eat more ice cream.

  3. Big Sister deals pretty well with the cold - but then again she has no choice because her brother plays hockey. We practically live in an ice rink. :) It is ridiculously cold here lately too. :(

  4. I decided to post a list of frugal grocery shopping questions on my blog.
    I invite you to share your answers to some or all of them. I could use some help.
    Thank you.

  5. Happy Almost Labor Day! I bestowed you with a blog award on my blog.