Saturday, February 20, 2010


You know how Oprah has a "Favorite Things" episode where she highlights and gives out her favorite things for that particular time? (Like summer or whatever. Say what you will about Oprah, she's got some cool faves and giving them out to her audience is way cool.) Well, if Oprah had a baby, then I'd be willing to bet good money that the Sleepywrap would be at the top of her list of favorite things until said baby was too heavy to be worn in it.

When I first saw wraps in general, I was seriously daunted. It looked like a ton of work to put on, and how could it possibly be more comfortable than a Snugli (patooie!) or a ring sling? Well, the more types of carriers that I tried, and the more I read about the Sleepywrap, the more I really really really really wanted one. And finally, I won one! (Yeah, I could have just BOUGHT one, but that would have been too easy.) Now, after having used mine for just over 2 months, I don't know how I survived without it. Both with DS, now, and with my DD, who is now 20 months. With her, i just had a ring sling and a Snugli (patooie!), so I didn't wear her unless I really really needed to. Looking back, I can only wonder if I would have been more relaxed and confident as a first time mommy and if she would have been a happier, more content baby, if I had had a Sleepywrap. Having the wrap now with DS is simply amazing. I can wear him almost wherever, whenever. (The exceptions being in the car, while taking a shower, etc. You get the idea.) He's happy, I'm happy, and stuff still gets done. When he's awake he can look around and laugh and smile, and then when he goes to sleep I can tuck his head under one of sides of the wrap, and it's supported and I can continue with what I was doing.

He's well over 15 pounds now, at just 3 months, and this wrap distributes the weight AMAZINGLY well. I wore him at the mall the other day for 3 hours and had no discomfort whatsoever. When he's fussy, putting him into the wrap calms him down almost instantly. On the rare, rare occasion that he does fuss while being worn, at least I know he's okay until I can get to taking care of whatever is bothering him, and his crying doesn't stress me out like it does if he's in his swing NOT being held.

Okay, so I know a lot of people like to do lists for pros and cons, so here's mine for the Sleepywrap:

- easy to use, after initial time or two of learning
- happy baby
- happy mommy
- truly hands-free
- ease of portability
- machine washable!!
- weight distribution is AMAZING
- can be used by almost anybody, regardless of size or weight. (I.e.- DH who is 6'6" and over 280 can wear the same wrap as I can.)

(Yes, he's striking a "isn't my butt sexy?" pose.)

- not safe nor recommended for back carrying
- I have yet to figure out how to nurse while wearing DS in it. UpstateMomof3 says she's done it, but I haven't gotten around to e-mailing her to ask how.

Would I recommend this to a friend? YES YES YES. I think EVERYONE with a baby should own one. They are VERY affordable and, as I mentioned before, I seriously wish I'd owned one when DD was a baby.

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