Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking a gift horse in the mouth; Crankiness

So appropo. (That IS a word, thank you very much. Google says it isn't. It is.) Anyway, yes, looking a gift horse in the mouth. Ever done it? Probably not literally, as how many of us have horses to give away? But have you ever gotten something and been like... yeah... it could/would be better if... My current gift horse would be a giveaway I found out this afternoon that I won. It's one that ran for like, two days, and the winners would be drawn and, supposedly, announced Friday afternoon. Well, I got an e-mail today that I had won. Oh, you want to know what it is? It is a much-coveted $50 off a purchase of $100 or more at Old Navy. Good stuff, right? Two catches: in-store only, and only good from 8/7 through 8/13. Soooo while I feel bad complaining, it WOULD have been nice to have this sucker over the weekend, when we had, you know, more free time to go shopping. We'll still use it, don't get me wrong! I just wish they had been a bit more on top of things, you know?
That's looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Max is apparently teething some more. Pain meds help, but she's still a cranky little bundle of energy. She still goes and goes and goes, but gets more upset than normal when corrected, moved, or generally doesn't IMMEDIATELY get her own way. Naps today were... depressing. For me, mostly, but the lack thereof definitely don't help her little bad attitude.


  1. Good for you for winning! The timing does suck, and so does the fact that you have to spend $50 of your own money.

  2. LOL! I know what you mean. I have had a couple wins like that.