Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can't see straight, but still thankful

Last night when I went to bed, I was so tired I couldn't see straight and was dizzy. When I woke up this morning I was still a bit dizzy and having trouble focusing and seeing straight. I don't know why. On top of that, Max has been extremely difficult to put to bed. I know it's probably a phase, and I know it's probably normal, but MAN is it frustrating and exhausting!!

Having kids can be extremely frustrating and tiring, and I think all parents must experience it at one time or another. But in the midst of all of it, we are often reminded that we have so much more to be thankful for than we have to complain about.

Last night, right before Max started cranking up, I heard (read) about a fellow blogging mommy in FL who lost her 2 year old son to a pool accident. It happened RIGHT before I read about. It sure put things into perspective. (Or, at least, it helped.) Because even though I dislike tantrums, and sleep deprived nights drive me batty, it means I still have my babies. I can still hold them and cuddle with them, wipe their noses, read stories, change diapers, etc., etc., etc. I can only imagine a small amount of the pain that this other mommy is experiencing. I can only pray for her, and pray also that God would continue to protect my babies. I can only hug my babies tighter, and remember that they are a precious gift from God. And I can only hope to remember that when I can't see straight, or am completely fed up with them.

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