Saturday, March 7, 2009


I suppose a better title may have been "Story of My Life," seeing as how the two are synonymous. Because in this post you will see not only pictures of Max playing in the living room, but also Ryan co-hosting the "Night of Talent" at school, and singing the "Million Dollar Song." See? Told you it was random. =)

Max and I had some new friends over on Thursday, and before they arrived I pulled out some more toys. Which worked out great for Max since I'm pretty sure she was bored silly of the toys that have been out for a long time at this point. Yeah, she was pretty happy with all the new stuff she could throw on the floor and/or shove in her mouth.

We also played some tunnels and such, which she semi-enjoyed. Still a bit too young for those, but she crawled around them.

So it's raining. And it's been raining for quite some time now. It started Sunday afternoon... and it's now Wednesday morning. It might pause for a few minutes, enough for our street, at least, to drain. Then it starts again. Most of the city is under some amount of water. Cool to look at, not cool to drive through or live in, however.

Monday morning I drove Ryan to school because it had been raining all night, and he knew his bromfiets wouldn't make it. Then Max and I stayed home all. stinking. day. Because it was STILL pouring and we figured it wouldn't be the safest thing in the world for us to go gallivanting around in. And Tuesday, Max and I took two other teachers and we all trotted off to the Doctor's office. Across town. Wow. Traffic was awful. Simply awful. Wow. It was an adventure. Let's just leave it at that.

And... I have run out of things to say... I'm not entirely awake yet...

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