Monday, July 20, 2009

ahhhh procrastination

But is it really procrastination if you've been busy doing other stuff? Not just goofing off??? I didn't think so.

I just realized I didn't mention this in my last post. The one I wrote 17 stinking days ago. Yeah. That one. Bad me.

Ryan, Max, and I were supposed to be moving to South Korea to teach on August 1st. Tickets had been purchased. Bags were being packed. Stuff was being bought. Paperwork was being completed. We were excited. And then.... and then. And then the South Korean government decided, in their infinite wisdom (please read that with sarcasm, mkay?) decided that because the school we were going to didn't own their property, they didn't the six new teachers they had hired. They could make do with the ones they already had. And, oh yeah, they had one year to either purchase their property or a different one to move to. So visas were denied. Flat out. No ways around it. Trust me, we looked. The school looked. We prayed. The school prayed. Everyone we know prayed. Nothing. Soooo.... tickets have been cancelled, for a small fee. (Although hey, $300 OOP is better than over $2,000!!) We are in limbo. Jobless. Not homeless, thankfully, as both sets of parents have offered us rooms until we find something... somewhere...

So for the last two weeks or so we've been looking for a job for Ryan. In case anyone was wondering, he teaches High School Social Studies. He'd prefer a job at a Christian school, but as those options are slimming down, being that it's the END of JULY, we're broadening our horizons. So, you know, if you know of anything... anywhere.... let me know. =)

In other news, Victoria is walking better and better. She is FINALLY doing her own versions of the signs for please and all done. She is sleeping better. She loves loves loves my in-law's dog, Freckles. They're bestest buds.

I suppose I should go find my camera so I can add pictures...

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