Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yard sale-ing, rummage sales, and my new favorite place

So I'm at the in-laws house in a suburb of Chicago. And the yard sales here start on Thursday. And run through Saturday. Yep. Three days of yard sales. Why doesn't EVERYWHERE do this?!?! So far we've only gone one day, last Saturday. Oh, wait. I did run out the day before real quick and found a great infant car seat. You know, for that baby that's coming at the end of October. Have I mentioned it's a boy? It is. Anyway, so Saturday Dh, SIL, Max, and I went yard sale-ing and hit up a rummage sale, too. That rummage sale made everything else look like we were shopping at Nordstrom's. Right after we got there they had a "fill a bag for a buck" deal. And we're thinking, that's pretty good. You get a grocery bag and fill it and pay a buck. Oh noooooo... it was a GARBAGE bag. SIL filled it with books. I got some books, some sippy cups, and some clothing for both Max and the baby. Good times.

Considering they start tomorrow, I'm going to look around a bit in the morning and hopefully find what I'm wanting. Which is a sassy seat OR a booster seat with all the straps, a clothes drying rack, and a cheap cappucino maker. Doesn't take much to make me happy. It really doesn't.

Country Donuts. Oh, how I love thee. Not only do they have AMAZING donuts, but DH Just told me that they're open 24 hours a day. 24 hour availability of glorious Boston Cremes.... 24 hour access to glazed...

I got busy doing other things just now and forgot what else I was going to say... oh well!

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  1. ack! I just wrote you a comment about how much I love rummage sales and I think it got eaten by the CyberSpace Monster when I hit the 'post comment' button. argh.
    anyway. I love rummage sales. :) rock on!