Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good times!

So yard sale-ing today rocked. And so did my FIL. I found a cappuccino maker at a yard sale right down the street- Max, DH and I walked down and checked out a couple. Yay! I found two DVDs for the Maxster at another place (which had proclaimed itself on Craigslist to be this wonderful 14 family/houses deal... and it was a let down)- a baby Einstein DVD and a Max and Ruby DVD. (Get it? Max and Ruby??) She loves the baby Einstein DVD already. I found a great booster seat at yet another place. It has an adjustable seat and back, which is really cool, and all the straps needed to keep Miss Max in her place. It didn't have the straps to attach it to the chair, but I rigged something up and it works marvelously. So so so happy. =)

And I had blogged yesterday... the day before...? about how I wanted a clothes drying rack, as well. So FIL reads my blog (cuz he's cool) and remembered that DH had a drying rack stashed in the garage. So he dug it out and it made me very happy. I wasn't happy about having to dry my pocket diapers in the dryer every time.

Of course, I did diapers this afternoon, loaded up the rack, put it outside, and NOT EVEN 15 minutes later the clouds roll in and the sun disappears. A bit later, it rained. So, moral of the story- if you need rain, let me know. I'll bring my dirty diapers over, wash them, and put them outside to dry. Rain will arrive almost instantly.

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  1. At our house it's invite Heidi and Alan over for a cookout on the deck and shower will come along.
    Glad you had success garage-saleing. May Ryan be as successful with his job search!