Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kerplunk, sort of

I didn't do a Body after Baby post last week. You may or may not have noticed. Mainly because I went a bit overboard over that previous weekend in the eating crap department. And in the not exercising department. Sigh. So I was feeling like I had fallen off the wagon.
And I'm having a hard time getting back on said wagon. Too much to do, not enough time. And so I missed last week's Body after Baby challenge link up, which is sad because her question for everyone was the question I had submitted!!! Grrrr.... silly me. I also didn't weigh myself last week or this week. I keep meaning to, but things get in the way, and I don't.

In other news... menh, same old, same old. Although I did get the GroBaby kit that I won from a giveaway in the mail today. Yippeee!! And Leg Huggers, too. =)

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  1. Hi my new follower =) I have been really dedicated to this whole working out thing! lol. This is literally the longest Ive ever stayed on a 'diet'. Good luck for this week!!!