Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things- Day 1

The other day I was washing dishes (or something like that) and thinking about various and sundry things, and I decided that I wanted to try and do a whole week of posts about "things." Today's is:

I love to read. My mom did a great job fostering a love of reading in both me and my 2 brothers. My parents modeled reading in their downtime in front of us, my mom read out loud to us pretty much every day while we were growing up, and they read us good stuff.
Lately I haven't had much of a chance to read. I figured out when it was still just Max and us that trying to pick up a book while there's a baby moving around isn't the easiest thing. I'd have just found my place only to have to put my book down and stop her from doing something or other. I do still use the computer because it's a lot easier to pick up and put down. =) I was also reading before going to sleep at night, but now I'm so tired by the time I can even GET in bed that I go right to sleep. Like, seriously, pass out.

But anyway, here are some things I like to read:
- the Bible. I'm not as good about it as I should be, but I do try.
- mysteries. Lee Child ROCKS, as does F. Paul Wilson, Tess Gerritson, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, and a slew of others.
- humor. Patrick McManus-good, clean fun. Comics like Baby Blues (a bit close to home...), Zits, Get Fuzzy, Foxtrot. I suppose Janet Evanovich falls into this category, as well.
- various magazines.
- non-fiction baby books. Take the Baby Whisperer, for example. She's awesome. Seriously. Oooohhh that reminds me that I meant to pick up a book at the library called "Things to Do with Toddlers and Twos." I checked it out sometime last summer/fall, and really liked the ideas it had, but need to check into it again.
- historical fiction and non-fiction. I think I've read the majority of books out there about the Holocaust.
- cookbooks and such. Yeah, I'm a dork.

I'm sure there are more, but it's time to take a shower and go to bed. And if I get up NOW I might have time to read!! =)

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