Friday, April 24, 2009

A few random thoughts

I got this idea from another blog. This one, in fact. Although I will say that earlier today I was thinking about just writing up a random list of stuff for the day. Because I can. So here are a few random things from me, right this second.

1) I promised myself I'd take a shower at 10 and go to bed. It's 10:19, and I'm typing this.
2) I am addicted to giveaways in blog land.
3) I haven't won anything from aforementioned giveaways, but I did just start last week.
4) Surprisingly, my house is relatively neat and clean. Ryan did help pick up toys and books, though, so I can't take all the credit.
5) Well, I COULD take all the credit, but considering he went out and got me what I REALLY REALLY wanted for dinner, I won't.
6) Max had a great day. She destroyed the house by "playing," but she was happy. So who cares.
7) She loves to clap now. It's so stinkin cute. And if we say "clap, clap, clap" she'll keep going.
8) She likes to "dance" to music. This dancing is, at this point, just waving her arms and sometimes shaking her head. But the kid can't walk yet, so give her a break.
9) Until recently, said dancing would only happen to theme songs on TV. I haven't told my mom that yet. She dislikes TV. But now Max will dance to music she hears other places.
10) My eyes hurt. It's been a busy day.
11) I'm hungry. I wish I had some leftovers from dinner. I would eat them right now.


  1. I'm with you on #2. Maybe we could start a support group!

  2. I love dancing babies.

    My toddler is a dancer too, that kid's got the music in him. The hand waving and head bobbing will eventually progress to booty shaking and (if she's like my son) a weird version of The Robot.