Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Easter!

Yep, 2nd Easter is a holiday down here. Not bad, huh? We have 2nd Christmas, too. It rocks. Not the point. The point is that today was a holiday, along with last Friday and yesterday. Saturday we went swimming, which was lots of fun. We have this blow up thing with a seat in it, and Max loved sitting in it and kicking around. She had a great time. It even worked to put her in the baby pool and she could sort of walk around on her own. Well, she could move, but not really control where she was going. But she liked it.

Easter Sunday was nice- we were all able to go to church, and we had a bunch of friends over for a delicious lunch afterwards.
Lots of fun, lots of fun. And ham. Lots and lots of ham. I love ham. And would you believe that I did not take a picture of it?!?! I just realized that. My first time baking a ham, and it was delicious. And I didn't take any pictures. Sigh.

This morning we went to an Easter brunch, complete with games and an egg hunt. Hung out with more friends, ate more yummy food.

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  1. I'd love a 2nd Easter! It's so much fun and much easier than Christmas!