Monday, April 6, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Hello my loyal blog readers/followers! (If there are any of you out there, that is...) Sorry I've been MIA for so long... I lost all motivation here for a while. But I'm back! Let's see, since I last posted, I announced that DH and I are expecting a younger sibling for Max, Max and I went to the Zoo, we had an international food fair at school, I had a birthday, and I was able to purchase Caffeine Free Coke. Happiness in a can.

So, in the order in which they occurred:
Max and I went to the Paramaribo Zoo with the 3/4 class and Kindergarten from school. It was warm. Really warm. Max complained about the stroller a bit, but she enjoyed looking at the active animals. Her favorites were the otter and the donkeys. However, I apparently didn't get any pictures of the donkeys. So here is a toucan, and otter, and 5 Caimen. =)

Every year the school hosts an International Food Fair, and all the nationalities represented at school provide some ethnic dishes. It's always soooooooo good. This year was no exception. Unfortunately, I was too busy eating to take pictures of the food or the displays. I apologize.

And, every year I have a birthday. Like clockwork. Except I decided I'm stopping at 29. So once I hit that, I'm not getting any older. I made myself an Angelfood Cake. Which I was okay with because I knew there was no way Ryan would want to. It was my first time making one, but I did pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. It wasn't as fluffy as it should have been, but I had absolute fits folding in the flour/sugar mixture. Guess I'll have to keep practicing.

And the caffeine free Coke.... ahhh.... I had been asking the guys at the most up-to-date grocery store here to get some in for me and some friends of mine. So they FINALLY did. I bought 10 cans. My friends were able to snag 6. They went back the same evening that the Coke was stocked, and it was all gone. Take that, managers! I told 'em that if they brought it in, it would get bought!!! =)


  1. Congrats! You win the award for nonchalance in your big announcement.

  2. Congrats on the baby! That's so exciting.

    I have no problem finding caffiene free soda in Utah, but the diet selection is usually lacking some variety.