Monday, April 6, 2009

Whatchagot Chili

So I was doing great on that whole weekly menu planning thing. Going great guns, finding new blogs, new recipes, new inspiration. Then I got pregnant. And thinking about food unless it was absolutely necessary went out the window. We're going on week 3, I believe, with no set plan. We're still eating, it's just lots of hits or misses.

Tonight I made Whatchagot Chili. Never heard of it? Good, cuz I invented it. With a little bit of inspiration from the CrockPot lady, Stephanie, and lots of thawing of ingredients, I created an amazing Chili. It was yum-o. Why did I call it "Whatchagot Chili?" Because I couldn't call it "Whatchagot Stew", that name is taken, and I had added chili powder. Which makes it Chili.

(Never read Patrick McManus? Never even HEARD of him? I'm not sure we can be friends any more. He is a HYSTERICAL author. Okay, his older books are great, anyway. I don't like his newer ones. I tried, I really did. But I'd rather read about the Troll, and all of the other loveable people in his books, whose names escape me right now. But they're funny. Really, really funny.)

Back to the Chili of which I am so proud. I thawed:
- 2 bags of beans (equal to 2 can of beans)
- 2 cups of chicken broth
- less than one big can of spagetti sauce. I don't know how much. Just that we freeze whatever we don't use out of a big can. =)

Threw it all in a big pot, and added:
- a bunch of chopped up tomatoes
- some oregano
- some basil
- some chili powder
- some garlic powder
- some sugar
- a bay leaf, for good measure.

After it simmered and all for a while, I broke up some spagetti noodles and tossed those in.

It was really yummy. We added some cheese and sour cream. =) I think that, to date, it is the cheapest meal I've ever made. Nice.
BTW- it really only made enough for one meal for 2 adults.

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