Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ask me if I care. Go on, ask!

About LOST? Nope. Watched some, maybe all, of the first season while in Suriname. Tried watching more of a later season while living in the states for year. It had already gotten too weird and hard to follow, and that was 3 1/2 years ago.

About the new Sex in a City movie? Nope. Didn't care about the first one, didn't care about the TV show. Pretty sure I never watched even a bit of it.

About car seat safety, esp. as it pertains to infants and small children? You bet your last dollar I do. Why are people in such a roaring hurry to turn their kids forward facing? It's 5x safer to rear face. FIVE TIMES, people!! It isn't "bad for their legs." They're not "uncomfortable." They can see perfectly fine. Winter coats and car seats do NOT go together. I know it's the end of May, so this is a moot point now, but they didn't go together last winter, and they won't go together this winter, either.
She is rear-facing in this picture- I'm in the seat next to her, with Jack on the other side.

About baby-wearing? You betcha! I won a Sleepy Wrap when Jack was a baby and I adored it. Sad day when he got too heavy for it. I'm currently using an Oh! Snap by Babyhawk, and really really like it. I just strap the baby on my back and off we go.

There are, of course, tons of other things I do and do not care about. Some of them you've probably figured out if you've been paying attention. Others, well, if I don't care about them that much, no need to waste time writing about them, right?

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