Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's new?

Hmmmm...well, Jack has two teeth now. And he knows how to use them, so WATCH OUT! He can move around on the floor on his tummy. A lot of times he just goes in circles, but hey, it's progress. He is still a very very happy baby. Loves to smile and laugh. And grab. And stick things in his mouth. And grab some more. He's a very grabby baby- I don't remember his sister being quite this bad.
That picture's from April. Sorry. Just roll with it.

Max is going to be two tomorrow. ....cue the Whambulance.... WHAAAAAAAAAAA! I don't want my baby to be two! I don't want her to grow up! (Okay, but I also don't want her STUCK at two, kthanxbai.) She's a great big sister to Jack, and takes good care of him.
Let's see... what else is new... well, Lord willing, we should be moving to Korea in two months. Woohoo! My very own apartment to take care of! Ryan will finally be teaching again! We're going to be surrounded by signs and people that I don't understand! It'll be weird. I've been WITH people who are experiencing that, but have only ever experienced it once. In case you're wondering, that "once" was a day trip to French Guyana. (Although why it didn't happen in Brazil, I don't know. Maybe because more people TRIED to understand us and WANTED to help us. Go figure.) Guess I should get off my butt and start learning Korean. Menh, I have birthday cupcakes I need to ice first.

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