Friday, February 20, 2009

9 months and counting

Max, that is. She's 9 months old today. Who'da thunk it? She's a very active baby, which is fine now that we've got the house baby-proofed. She's also extremely cute, which has been her saving grace the last couple of days. This child has been impossible to please!!! Is there a full moon or something I don't know about? I was about ready to give her away several times this week. Anyway, there will be 9 month pictures coming soon. It tends to take two people to get decent pictures, so I have to wait until Ryan is home from school.

Nothing too exciting is going on. Which is good, right? Ryan's back hurts again, and we don't know why. That makes for rough times, let me tell you.

We've been eating kiwis and salads like they're going out of style. Or season. Which is highly likely. Last night I made taco salad, and toasted two tortillas in the oven to make tortilla bowls. They were very, very good. =)

I'm kind of boring today, sorry. I'll work on that.

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