Thursday, February 12, 2009

What to say, what to say...

So here I am. I got inspired to start a blog. My inspiration came from the likes of this blog, and this one, and oh! can't forget this one! There are, of course, lots more that I love, and then the ones Ryan enjoys... but we could possibly be here all day. And I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of time. Hang on, I need to go find my baby.
Okay, she was going after the shoes. Again. Have I mentioned she's a crawling ace? She mastered that skill and hasn't looked back. And while it's fun that she's not so much of a blob anymore, and she can entertain herself more now, it's kind of pain to always know where she is and what she is either putting in her mouth or licking. She does that with EVERYTHING. I'm told it's normal. I'm glad we grow out of that, though, how weird would that be if we didn't??
But I digress. (You'll come to find out I do that a lot.) So there I was, inspired to blog. Now, I know some people complain about blogs. *insert whiney voice* "But I don't wanna know what your kid ate for breakfast!" or "I don't care what's on your grocery list!" or "Who cares what you did today." (Yogurt; onions; and nothing so far- in that order.) But to them I say "then don't read this!" Although I do promise here and now to not bore you with things like the baby's daily menu, what I plan to do or have done each and every day, and what I need at the store.
I do, however, wish to share some of Max's antics, some of the fun things I make in the kitchen, and the important goings-on in our lives.
(I realize the above sentence does not constitute a paragraph. Forgive me.)
Where was I... oh yes. This is my first time blogging. Ryan has done it in the past. And when I say past, I mean B.C. (You figure that one out.) So bear with me. Feel free to leave comments and constructive criticism. I'm a big girl. I can take it. (And... I have comment moderation turned on, so if I don't like it, I won't allow it to be posted.)
That's Max. Giving you one of her looks.

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  1. Very cute. I look forward to reading more.