Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy National Sticky Bun Day

So I didn't know that today was National Sticky Bun Day, did you? Well, we both do now! I double checked this important information and found a great website. Today is also Love Your Pet Day. Guess I'll have to go pet the dogs some more. Back to Sticky Buns, I have one recipe that I got off, but it takes a total for 4 hours to make. And while the results are weeeeeellllll worth it, I don't feel like devoting 4 hours of my Saturday to sticky buns. So instead, I will make Quick Sticky Buns. I got the recipe from one of my aunts, and it looks like she got it out of an old cookbook. It is yummy, so that's what I'll be making here in a bit.

Here I am talking about food again.... sigh. It's either that or the countless exploits of Max the Destroyer. (aka Max the Baby) She's figured out that it is cute to hold something out to us (her spoon, toy, etc.) and then when we touch it to take it, she whips it away. And while it is cute, I'll admit, I have no clue where she learned it.

Moving on. Ryan and I had BLTs for lunch. With turkey bacon. Not because I'm a health nut. Nooooo far from it. (Anyone who knows me can attest to that.) No, I'm using turkey bacon because it is half the price of real bacon at Choi's. And I attempt to be cheap. (Like how I covered my bases by saying "attempt"?) I took pictures of the BLTs.
They were yummy. I also made Ryan some chicken noodle soup. Homemade. Not that nasty stuff that comes from a can. Ew. Why did I randomly make Ryan some chicken noodle soup? Because he's sick. Not only is his back hurting him a lot still, but now his throat hurts, he doesn't feel good, etc. Here in Suriname they have a name for that. They call it the "griep." What, exactly, is that you may ask. Well, it can be almost anything. Sore throat, upset stomach, fever, allergies, cough, headache, aches and pains, etc. Pretty much anything. Which is nice when you don't feel like sharing your particular ailment.

Max is actually having a good day today. It's been so long since she's had one of those that I had forgotten what they feel like. Have I taken her 9 month pictures yet? Nope. See above. =) But, here is one to tide you over.

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  1. Max is absolutely a precious doll! I know you enjoy her. Trust me, before long she'll be going off to college and you'll wonder where the time went...

    I love BLTs but haven't had one in a long time. I hope this new low carb bread that's coming in the mail will allow me to have one now and then! We use turkey bacon all the time and have for years. Since we don't eat pork it's a no brainer. And its good, too!