Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me, again!

I know, two posts in one day?!?! What have y'all done to deserve this??! I just really wanted to post my menu, but wanted it to be in a separate post. I figure if my posts get too long then your eyes start to glaze over and you miss the witticisms towards the end. (Aw gee, now I have to remember to INSERT witticisms at the end...)

Yesterday we finally bit the bullet and put up a baby gate. Infant protector. Small child restrictor. Fence. Whatever. It's up. Remember how in my first post I mentioned that my baby was going after our shoes? Well, she LOVES to chew on them. My flip-flops, more specifically. There are teeth marks in my pink Old Navy flip-flops. This is a problem because, well, as many of you, we don't live in the cleanest of areas. And we have two outdoor dogs. And... yeah, we'll stop there. Needless to say, Max chewing on our shoes is not a good idea. We tell her NO, and then she looks at us, either smiles or laughs, and continues to chew. Then it's hard to tell her no. I usually end up laughing, too. So we put up the aforementioned baby gate in the hallway, and moved the shoes to the other side of it. This is working very well.

After my trip to the vegetable stand this morning, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cutting, dicing, boiling, and slicing. Very Iron Chef of me. And washing dishes. Because I'm a messy cook. Not the point. The point is that I had a lot of fun. Everything is all chopped up for the sweet and sour chicken, salad stuff is ready, BLT stuff is ready, etc. I even had a towel tucked into my pocket so I could be just like Mario Batali. (FYI, he is not our most favorite Iron Chef. He is our 3rd favorite. But he's funny.)

While I was doing all of that fun kitchen stuff, I listened to the latest Car Talk podcast. (www.cartalk.com) And some songs from the musical Wicked. And some Third Day. Third Day rocks my socks. Like this song.

Oh, also today, I ate a kiwi! I don't think I've ever eaten a kiwi before. How sad is that? So I bought one, peeled it, sliced it, and ate the whole thing lickty-split. And dude. I just checked out this website about kiwi and it's AMAZING. I will be telling my mother about this. She'll know why. So when Ryan had to run to the store to grab another green pepper (mine had gone moldy. ew.) I had him get a couple more. Max tasted some and she loved it, too. Yay!

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