Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's raining here. I love the rain, so it makes for a great afternoon. Max and I are sitting here watching Dora. In Dutch. Stupid case was mis-labeled. Sigh. Well, Max is also attempting to help me type. And chew on my wrists with her two teeth.

I was thinking about my first blog entry this afternoon while attempting to wake up from my nap. I thought about how it featured food blogs as my inspiration. Which is fine. I've discovered that I love to bake, and am even enjoying cooking. I love the crockpot blog, and have no idea how anybody could possibly live without a crockpot. Really. I mean, without a crockpot, you'd have to make these in the oven. And that's just not as much fun. I made this for dinner, and if I had had to do it in the oven, I wouldn't have been able to sit and watch "What Not to Wear." Which I wanted to watch. (By the way, whenever I make those chicken and dumplings they don't come out like soup. At all. But they are extrememly yummy. Even Max loves them. You should make them.)

Now, I have, in the past, teased my mother about having more than one crockpot. What good could that possibly be? I always asked. Well, no more. Now I wish I had more than one. Because if I did, then while I was baking those yummy 5-Layer Brownies, or the delicious Chicken and Dumplings, I could ALSO be making THIS to drink. But such is life. So I muddle through with just one crockpot.

And the baking? Well, you guys saw pictures yesterday of the Valentine's cake I made. (It is yummy, by the way.) For Ryan's birthday I made Pac-Man cupcakes. The tray they're on is not pretty. I'm not good at the plating/presentation thing. Yet.

By the way, I did get to sleep in this morning. It was nice. =) I like sleep.

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